Online Catalogue Builder for Busy Makers

Organise your product content and present it in the way you want, as well as keeping quality at the level your customers expect.

Works on PCs, tablets & any mobile phones.

Operating Mode

WhatsMenu provides businesses with the flexibility to choose their preferred operating method that best suits their business needs, as each business operates differently online.


To enables customers to browse through the product or service offerings and view detailed information about each item. It can include product descriptions, images, pricing, and other relevant details to provide customers with a comprehensive understanding of the product or service being offered. 

With an e-catalogue, businesses can save on printing costs and update their product listings easily and quickly.

E catalogue

2Online Ordering

To provide customers with a seamless and convenient shopping experience that allows them to browse through a wide range of products or services, add items to their cart, and complete the purchase process with ease.

This can help businesses to attract a wider customer base and increase their sales potential.

Online store payment

3WhatsApp Ordering

To facilitate a quick and efficient ordering process between customers and businesses. By enabling customers to place orders directly through the popular messaging app, businesses can offer a more personalized service and respond to customer inquiries in real-time. 

This can help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as reduce the time and costs associated with traditional ordering methods.

Whatsapp ordering

4Restaurant Menu

By scanning a QR code with their mobile device, customers can easily view the restaurant's menu without the need for physical menus, which can potentially harbor germs and bacteria. 

This helps to promote a safe and healthy dining experience for customers, while also providing restaurants with a more cost-effective and sustainable solution for menu display.

Restaurant scan menu

Key Features

A solution made to streamline your daily routine, no advanced knowledge is required.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Simply upload your products or services, no coding or design skills needed.

  • Clean catalogue layout

    Show the right points without overloading the user with information.

  • Cloud based

    Browser-based and web-based, no software installation required.

  • App Integrations

    Add the third-party apps to enhance the features of the catalogue.

  • Google like search

    Use powerful search tools to find what you need in seconds.

  • Extra checkout fields

    Required additional information from customers during checkout.

  • Personalised style

    Using CSS to personalize the visual appearance adds unique elements and effects.

  • Responsive design

    Flexible layout that detects the visitor's screen size and orientation.

  • Auto images resize

    Crop and resize your photos automatically for better browsing experience.

  • Multiple language

    Supporting English, Malay, and Chinese languages caters to diverse customer needs.

  • Inventory control

    Managing stock quantities to ensure product availability and prevent overselling.

Boost your sales and expand your customer reach!

Take the first step towards online transformation now while your competitors hesitate! Customers demand convenient, speedy, and easy shopping experiences, and online shopping is an inevitable trend.

You Ask β€” We Tell

We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information. If you don't see what's on your mind, reach out to us anytime.

  • Why is now the best time to start using WhatsMenu?

    WhatsMenu has the following benefits:

    • Convenient for customers to view your products and services anytime, anywhere.
    • Saves time by reducing the need to explain products or services repeatedly.
    • Allows for easy addition and modification of product or service information.
    • Moves beyond a single sales channel and enters the era of online and offline new retail.
    • Enhances the online sales experience and builds a loyal customer base.

    By using WhatsMenu now, you can take a big step forward while your competitors have not yet started transitioning to online sales. Read review about us at

  • I'm not familiar with design. Can I still use WhatsMenu?

    Certainly! You don't need any design skills to use WhatsMenu. As long as you can take photos and type on your phone, you can easily upload your products or services onto the platform. 

    The system will take care of cropping and compressing the images to ensure your page looks cleaner and loads faster.

    However, if you do need design services, we do provide them as well.

  • Can customers pick up their orders themselves after placing an order?

    Yes, customers can choose to pick up their orders themselves if they prefer. The platform allows customers to choose between delivery by the merchant, self-pickup, or dine-in at the restaurant.

    If you need to charge customers for delivery, the platform provides a flat rate shipping option.

  • Are there any other fees I need to pay besides the annual subscription fee?

    Unless the merchant requests additional paid services, we do not charge any commissions or fees. The package fee does not include the following:

    • Advertising, promotion, design, and copywriting services;
    • Product and service data, order management;
    • Independent website domain; and
    • Other services that require human resources. 

    If you have a need for the above services, you can contact our customer service.

  • Will my sales skyrocket by xx% if I use WhatsMenu?

    If you have a solid foundation and experience in marketing, it is possible to achieve significant growth. However, if you are just starting out, you should give yourself time to learn and adapt, and not get discouraged if you don't see immediate results. With persistence and dedication, you can gradually master the art of online sales and improve your business performance.

    Regardless of when you start, the key is to stay committed and not give up easily.

  • My industry requires follow-up explanations with customers in order to make sales. Is WhatsMenu suitable for me?

    No problem! WhatsMenu has various operation modes that cater to both product sales and service providers. If your products or services require further explanation or customization with customers, our WhatsApp Ordering mode can easily address this issue.

  • What are the ways to advertise my business once I begin using WhatsMenu?

    After registering an account with WhatsMenu, you will receive a unique link to share your products and services on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and WeChat. WhatsMenu also provides QR codes that you can download and print on your business cards, flyers, and in your physical store to promote your business to customers.

    Moreover, as WhatsMenu displays only your products and services, you can use it for advertising and attract exclusive traffic to your business.

  • How do customers pay for their orders?

    Customers can pay for their orders through various offline and online payment methods supported by the platform, including cash on delivery, counter payment, payment links, QR codes, FPX, credit cards, and e-wallets.

    For online payments, local payment companies such as Billplz and toyyibPay, as well as international payment company Stripe and PayPal, are supported. To receive payments directly, merchants need to register their own payment account on the platform, which allows for lower transaction fees.

  • What is the difference between WhatsApp Ordering and WhatsApp Business?

    WhatsApp Business is a product under Meta (Facebook) company. Compared to WhatsMenu, WhatsMenu has the following advantages:

    1. It can be accessed directly on a computer, tablet, or phone without the need to download an app.
    2. Real-time updates of product and service information without waiting for review and approval.
    3. Categories can be set up to make it easier for customers to browse, especially in cases where there are a large number of products and services.
    4. Once an order is submitted, the system will automatically generate the order details in WhatsApp, allowing the customer to simply click "send" and proceed to connect with the payment platform directly.
  • Do I need to have a WhatsApp Business account?

    If you are using the WhatsApp Ordering mode or have enabled the WhatsApp Enquiry feature, then you will need a WhatsApp account. You can use either a personal WhatsApp number or a business WhatsApp number. 

    The main purpose is to enable customers to send their WhatsApp orders to you.

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